Here are a list of my fitness and health goals that I hope to attain. This blog is essentially chronicling my journey towards all of them at some point or another, so I thought I'd lay them all out in one place:

  • Santa Antonia 5k- Dec 10, 2011 [San Antonio, TX]
  • Disneyland Half-Marathon- Date unknown [Anaheim, CA]
  • Disneyworld Marathon- Date unknown [Orlando, FL]
  • National Marathon/Marine Corps Marathon/Rock'n'Roll Marathon- Date unknown [Washington, DC]
  • Breast Cancer 3-Day- Fall, Year unknown [any participating city]

  • Size 8
  • Size 6 (and smaller and I think I'd look weird- this girl has hips!)
  • 138 lbs (the weight at which I promised myself I would get a belly button ring when I was 16. I don't really want one anymore, but it was a promise, and I'm going to keep it)
  • 130 lbs (if my equilibrium weight is lower, great. If not, this sounds very healthy and light)
  • Regain my 25-inch waist (for my height and body type, this is entirely reasonable)

  • Solo ascension from the lake to the dock at Lake Chelan
  • 1 mile of continuous running
  • First 5k
  • First 10k
  • First half-marathon
  • First marathon
  • First ultramarathon
  • First triathalon
  • Completion of P90X
  • Black level at Superfit