Thursday, March 22, 2012

Favorite Leg Exercises of the Moment

Static lunges. Do them. I couldn't even complete two sets.

I think they are in an article on... right now? Basically, go into a deep lunge (ideally, both legs should be bent 90 degrees), activate your core, and hold for 30 seconds. One set is doing both legs. Takes only 1 minute, and I was wobbly. I did a different static exercise on their list, took a few minutes, then went back to do another set of static lunges. Barely made it through the first leg, and had to cop out after about 15 seconds on the next. Killer. So awesome.

Also, if you have cycling/spinning classes near you: take them. I've lost almost 5 inches off my thighs in the past two months, and I am positive it is down to hitting a spinning class 2-5 times a week.

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