Monday, January 24, 2011

Reconsidered Pain

Quick update on the P90X Arms and Shoulders.

Killer but also totally doable, unlike the Plyometrics yesterday. I did, however, discover a rather urgent need for some different resistance bands. Mine are both too short, requiring me to do most moves on my knees rather than me feet, and without handles, which is really hurting my hands. I actually stopped early on a few exercises, not because of muscle fatigue, but because my hands hurt so bad. Towards the end, I got some relief by wrapping some paper towels around my hands, but it was still a little touch and go. Not really sure yet where to find exercise equipment in Paris. I'll have to ask around.

I know there is no tangible change yet, but I'm already feeling more cut in my arms. Silly, but oh-so-helpful in dealing with the full-body soreness that is going to be intensified tomorrow. The Ab Ripper X was after the arms, and I could only do half this time, being wiped out from two days ago still. And, of course, it used the leg muscles that are still dead from yesterdays Plyometrics. So tomorrow's gonna be fun!

Bring it.

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